Back to My Roots
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Back to My Roots

Ever since the relationship workshop that David and I attended, we have been having a blast! I don’t mean to brag; I just have to share this with you, because all it took was a little intent!

I’m from Arizona, and I love county music. 17 years ago, David and I danced the night away at an LA country bar called Denim & Diamonds – it’s gone now. I have had some of my best times country swinging and two-stepping. Luckily, I never rode the bull!

That’s my teenage confession: cowboy hats, country music, and any line dance that the DJ was announcing. So David and I have been talking about going back to a country bar for so many years. My point is that we were only talking and never got motivated to do it.

New friends came into our lives this summer and they happen to be from Oklahoma. That was my aha! moment, and I knew I had a partner in crime. So we dusted off our boots and buckles and the double date was on. We found a country bar in a nearby city, far cry from Arizona or Nashville, but it would do just fine.

We had the best time, and we’re going back for more. You probably know I love to dance, and that started long before “Dancing With The Stars.” What’s even more important is that I love to dance with David, and he’s pretty good too. Dance lessons are super fun, and I need a brush up ‘cuz the line dances sure have come a long way from my hometown days.

We were laughing at the fact that something we enjoy so much only took us 17 years to discover again. Next we will re-watch Pure Country! So corny, but I love that movie. (Geek moment.)

We are making an effort to enjoy time together, without the kids. Life doesn’t have to be only about them if you make it about you too.

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