Beauty knows no age
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Beauty knows no age

Beauty knows no age.

I am really looking forward to watching this season of She’s Got The Look.  I don’t often say that about a show that I am part of, but I am particularly passionate about the message that SGTL delivers.  I learned a lot on this show and I was very inspired by the contestants. 

SGTL is a modeling competition for women over the age of 35, but it is so much  more.  I host the show, as well as judge the competition (my least favorite part), and I also had a chance to mentor the ladies.  During the 3 weeks that I spent with the contestants, it reaffirmed my belief that anything is possible at any age.  What impressed me the most was the risk many took to rediscover themselves and try something new.  Many of the women had conquered things in their lives, marriage, family, and career, and there they were taking the chance to become something more.  Some were pursuing lost dreams, some looking for a change, and some tapping into a new found confidence.  I always believed that beauty runs very deep, but to watch and be part of the transformation was an incredible experience for me.  Some of the first glance beauties didn’t have what it took to go far, some of the women that were lost in the crowd blew me away after just a few weeks.  First impressions were deceiving.  This season is very unpredictable. 
What inspired me the most was watching the courageous moment, seeing the contestants step out of their comfort zones, and become beautiful models.  For many the beauty was already there, possibly lost or simply buried beneath life’s experiences.  I was looking for a diamond in the rough and excited to witness the transformations. 

Episode one was all about the body.  Or in some cases getting over those issues and bringing your best self forward.  For me, the take away message is don’t hold onto the old you, BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE AT EVERY AGE.  Confidence played a huge part in this show.  We quickly discovered how important confidence is and how deep beauty can run.

We fell in love with Julie when she said “I am as sexy as a washcloth!”, Maralyn blew us away when she shared her profession as a bus mechanic, coveralls and all, one of only four female bus mechanics in LA, OMG!!! And then there was Jocelyn, the beauty who thought she was so beautiful….maybe not so attractive after all.

It’s an unpredictable season, inspirational and a true testimony that beauty knows no age. 

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