What Color Makeup to Wear on Ivory Skin
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What Color Makeup to Wear on Ivory Skin

While we often associate ivory skin with redheads, blonds and brunettes can be equally fair. Learning to love your pale skin is easier with makeup suited to your skin tone. If you have pale, ivory skin you need foundation and blush in colors light enough for your skin. You can wear more intense color on your lips and eyes, but must choose shades that flatter your fair skin.


Ivory skin can be pink, peach, golden or even bluish in tone, depending upon the complexion. If you have rosy reddish or pink undertones or even a violet or blue undertone to your pale skin, you favor cool colors, including pink, blue and violet. If your skin tone is pale peach, yellow toned or golden, choose warmer shades including peach, coral or tones of brown.

Foundation and Concealer

Fair skin is likely to show blemishes, redness or discolorations. Choose a foundation that matches the skin along your jawline or is a half shade lighter, recommends SoFeminine.co.uk Beauty. Your foundation should have a cool pink tone if you have blue or pink undertones and a golden ivory or pale peach color for warmer complexions. Use a fair-toned concealer on under-eye circles or a pale green concealer to hide blemishes or redness. If you pick up a bit of color in the summer, consider asking at the cosmetics counter for a foundation sample a shade darker and mix it with your usual foundation for a perfect match.


Choose a light blush in a soft tone with a bit of shimmer. Look for a color similar to your natural tone when you flush, whether that’s pale pink, light rose or a delicate coral. Use a feather light touch to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks or sweeping along the prominent part of your cheek. Blush should add definition and a hint of color, but it’s easy to overdo if you’re quite fair.


Shades of vanilla, palest pink, and champagne are excellent neutral choices to sweep from lash line to brow bone. For evenings or a more playful look, experiment with bolder color on your lids, but be wary of bright pinks or shades of yellow and keep the rest of your face neutral. Bright color can provide a vivid contrast against pale skin. Try bronze or copper to bring out blue eyes, violet and purples for green or a rich navy blue against brown eyes.


You can go bold or subtle with your lip color, but avoid nudes that are too pale. If you naturally have very little color in your complexion, you’ll look your best with a bit brighter tone on your lip. Sheer shades of pink or toffee are an everyday option, or you can go bold with a true red for a classic Hollywood look.

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