Yes! Yes! Yes!
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Yes! Yes! Yes!

This morning I was so inspired. To my right was my daughter and my other daughter was close to me on my left. It was an emotional workout as I sat on my favorite bike at Soul Cycle.  Maybe it was PMS, maybe fatigue from maxing out my work out, but for sure it was true love.  The family fitness experience has been motivating and inspiring for all of my brood. The reality of being in a class with my 2 teenagers while all of us were pushing ourselves to our personal limits was a scene I never imagined.  When I looked over at my tween, head down with closed eyes, she was riding like there was no tomorrow.  Pushing herself further than she thought she could, and harder than I thought she would, made me so proud.  One thing I’ve realized as a mama of 4 is the only thing we can really do is lead by example.  I always preach about a healthy life style but its one thing to just say it and another things to really live it.  The only way we can empower our children to be their very best is if we show them how to do it. I’m not talking about fitness, I’m talking about life potential.  Even in a simple activity like my fitness commitment to myself, I show them its importance and how much my push benefits my day to day.

One of my fav instructors, @lbuckleyw, said something today that really stuck with me.  I just love a connected and inspiring teacher that gets you to a place deeper than just the body.  I always leave her class with a great take-away.  During the home stretch of class she said, “To someone you are everything.”  I knew that both of my daughters heard that and I wondered if they knew I was thinking of them in that moment.  I wondered if they were thinking of me. Most all of us would say that our children are everything to us.  Mine certainly are and I hope its mutual. Not only in the moments of need but also in the moments of joy that we share.  Today wasn’t just about the workout, it was about sharing an experience together and sharing some energy in a crazy hard sweat.  I was touched, inspired and moved.

Doing something together with children, not just as an observer but as a participant is awesome.

So this week I’m trying to say yes as much as possible…I’m not talking about giving, I’m talking about doing.  Yes, I’ll bake a cake with you; yes, let’s go to the park, yes, I’ll jump on the trampoline; yes, we can make the best crepes in the world; yes, let’s draw: yes, get in my bath: yes, we can walk the dog; yes, let’s go on a scooter adventure; yes, you can sleep with me; yes, we can make food art.

Yes we can make an art project out of our food! 

I know there are so many little things that mean the world to my children – things that are overlooked because of busy days and demanding schedules. For my children it’s often being out numbered by their siblings and sadly for me, just being too busy to stop and settle into some quality time.

It’s moments like this morning with my children that mean so much to me.  The take away far exceeds the give.  YES YES YES…

By the way, this week I was totally off so we took breakfast too a whole other level 🙂

yes, I have too much time on my hands LOL.

xo – Brooke

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