Working Out Isn’t Just About the Outside…
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Working Out Isn’t Just About the Outside…

I had a super super hard week, but I embraced it!  Unfortunately I woke up Tuesday with a crazy kink in my neck.  Must have been stress or the fact that I woke up pinned down in between my 3 & 4 year old, squished into a slice of my bed.  That scene is nothing new, but that night my bod couldn’t take it.  That was the beginning of a long week of fitness rehearsals and two -10 hour shoot days for my workout DVD.  The timing couldn’t be worse! So I have been doing am physical therapy, rotating ice and heat, taking the right meds, and carrying on. 

The reason I say that I loved this week anyway is because I’m inspired.  Aside from my pain, I am excited about this project.  During one of my interviews I was asked why I decided to launch my own fitness DVD. There is something about sharing positive information that I know will change people in a great way that drives me.  Working out isn’t just about the outside. I need it for my head, my stress, and my sense of self commitment.   I’ve heard all the excuses from others about being too tired, no time, no energy, no interest, and blah – blah – blah.  Trust me, I have made my own share of excuses, but really health and fitness is such an important part of my life that I feel worse if I don’t work out than I do during even my most difficult training sessions.  I learned to give myself the room to take care of myself and my body just as I take care of my family’s needs.  So I created a workout that is specific and effective and only takes 45 minutes.  You can do it at home, get strong, get fit and change your body.  I can’t wait to share it with you.  Production takes a long time, and I am hoping for a January release.  Here’s a few pics from set this week:

Last night was too cute.  After my 12th hour, I came home to get a massage, feeling a bit guilty because I hadn’t seen the kids all day and they needed some mommy time.  Usually I will hide away and demand my sacred space, but last night they needed me.  We had a quick dinner together and then I went to my room to get worked on – necessary, not pleasure, my body was wrecked! Rain laid on the floor beneath me looking upwards through the whole on the massage table head pillow, holding my hand, and Shaya laid on top of me studying the therapist’s every move.  They had so much sensitivity for what I needed and were happy to be close and share my experience.  My usual “easy” instrumental playlist turned into a kids TV show and soon they were fast asleep.

Long work days are sometimes tough knowing when I walk through my door at home, my night shift starts.  But there is also something beautiful about being missed, being needed, and being loved by the people who matter most.  My kids give me my second wind, and I cherish them for that on weeks like this.

Have a great weekend!!!

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