A Mother’s Love: Bears DisneyNature
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A Mother’s Love: Bears DisneyNature

I’ll admit it, nature films tend to make me nervous. I’m a softie, I hate to see animals hurt (or dead-I’m still not over the death of Bambi’s mother.) I went into the Disneynature film Bears with cautious optimism. Disney makes fantastic films, but I was prepared to hide at any sad parts.

Directed by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey, Bears (2014) follows a mother Alaskan brown bear and her two cubs from hibernation through their first year in search of food. Narrator John C. Reilly humorously guides us along with the bear family highlighting the bears’ different personalities. This G rated flick is appropriate for the whole family.

Mama bear, Sky, and her babies, Scout and Amber, trek from their den in the mountains over rugged terrain and down to the beach below in search of food-salmon in particular. Along the way they run into a group of bears also looking for food and have to stand strong and earn the right to feed with them. Sky scares off a wolf looking to make a meal out of Scout. She desperately searches for months for the nutrient rich salmon that will sustain her cubs through the 6 months of hibernation.

It is hard to believe how close the camera men and women get to the wildlife in this film. The end of the film shows them with their cameras just yards from the enormous bears. Scenic Alaska provides a breathtaking backdrop, with shots so crystal clear you can practically feel the icy waters and smell the fresh air.

I am constantly in search of new movies for my family. Bears pleased us all. My three year old sensed the tension in the music and turned her head a few times, but she oohed and aahed over the adorable baby bears.

My 8 year old loved hearing all the facts about the bears, I can easily guess the topic of her next school report. Even my 14 year old put down his phone and joined us for the entirety of the film. I peeked over and watched him smile as the cubs goofed around at the beach. I loved watching the mama deal with her cubs’ different personalities in different ways, with 5 kids I can absolutely relate.

The bear cubs love and watch out for each other. I hope that I’m nurturing the same bonds in my own children. This tender film about the strength of a mother’s love and guidance of her cubs through a dangerous world, teaches children compassion and helps them see how a strong family can overcome many obstacles.

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