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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

I wrote this on the plane going to Africa but couldn’t post it until now…

I have been so troubled about the tragedy that happened last Friday with one of my classmates of two years ago.  You may have seen it on the news; she was hit by a car and killed crossing the street to catch the school bus.  Her mother was standing on the opposite corner and watched the accident.  The entire bus was watching too.  There are no words….  A letter went out to the entire student body to inform our families of what had happened.  We were shocked, sickened, saddled, and numb in disbelief.

I thought of her mother, and wonder how she will let go and live again, no one should lose their only child, and certainly not on the walk to school.  I thought the children on the school bus that witnessed the violent loss of their friend’s life, where do they put that?  I thought of the girl, her fear and the abrupt ending to a young innocent life. Those that knew her and shared her life are deeply saddened and her classmates are confused and in shock.

My heart goes out to her family, friends, and loved ones.  It is not a matter for a blog, but I am dealing with my own girls, their class friends, and the attempt to explain such a tragedy. 

All I could say is that life is precious.  Although I wonder spiritually what kind of a lesson must be learned to put a family through that and whose lives will change because of it, I cannot imagine the pain.  It made me want to hold my children’s hands a little tighter, it made me pay closer attention, and it made me want to enjoy each a day a little more.

I told them I loved them yesterday, not casually as they were rushing out of the car, but softly and in their eyes so they could take it in. Maybe I’ll call my mom a few more times than usual.  Maybe I’ll let the little stuff go and focus on what’s important and how lucky I am to have my family.

We all know we are blessed to be mothers.  When I hear of someone else’s pain, it hurts me too because as a mother I can’t imagine the devastation of losing a child.  I will hold my family closer.  I cannot wait to get to Africa and reunite with their father.

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