Juggling Work and Life
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Juggling Work and Life

blog post photoI had the morning off today. A few hours which is better than my norm lately. Strangely, I was excited about putting my driving hat back on and schlepping the kids around town to their different schools.  That is so important to them, and I always try to make the most of those car trips.  I’ll admit that sometimes I dread it, but as soon as things are taken away from you, you start to miss them.  What a crazy common life concept.  

I am juggling family and work every day, staying super organized, and making up for lost time with extra hugs and kisses. This morning I let my older kids know how proud I am of them for holding down the fort and being responsible. I will begin having my little ones visit me on set, so they can get a little mommy time in during the day.  I have been able to make it home each night for bedtime, but it just doesn’t feel like enough.

During DWTS Chloris Leachman, who may be grossly misunderstood, told me that a day can feel like eternity for a child.  She encouraged me to have my children on set with me as much as possible so they can at least see me and feel close.  I have always done that, but it confirmed my belief that we belong together as much as possible. I admire the strength that many working women have, ones who are able to do it all, raise a family, and even travel away from home.  I, on the other hand, feel like a big baby, and I just can’t go too long without my family close.  I suppose it is a choice, and that’s not to say that mine is any better than anyone else’s.  I am so grateful that I can organize my schedule so, because it sure pulls at my heart strings to be too busy to enjoy the things I used to take for granted.  

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Just a few more weeks of this craziness, then I will take a breather again.  When it rains, it pours for me. Work breeds work and I am certainly not complaining.

I loved today because I was able to work with children.  We shot the cover of a new fitness game I am working on with Jump Start.  It’s a fun project for the whole family, so I was able to involve my children – it was a blast.  Rain and Shaya came to the set to watch too. Here’s a pic of my daughter watching me do stand ups on the green screen, she is a future director!

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Here a shot of Rain playing in the make-up chair, thinking she is the STAR!

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