Memories from St. Barts
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Memories from St. Barts

Just when I think I have paparazzi radar, they fool me again.  I didn’t mention this family getaway because I intended to escape and enjoy some much needed family time…. BUT since it’s all over the web, I might as well share.  I also often find myself between a rock and a hard place wondering what to share and what to keep to myself.  There is so much stress in our country right now that talking about my vacation time seems a bit inappropriate…. but since the tabloids do it for me, here you go! 

St Barts is my favorite place in the world and where better to fulfill my promise to David to learn French this year.  All the kids are with us, which is rare between time with my older girls’ father and summer camps.  It’s a serious crew here with all six of us.  The different personalities, needs and desires make harmony challenging.   But what makes it all work is family and the pleasure of escapism.  The kids are having a tech break, enjoying the gorgeous sea, and making friends from around the globe and learning to let go of their “norm”.  I truly got my best education from traveling the world and I wish the same for my brood. 

My children are learning to think less about themselves and care more for each other on this trip. David and I are trying to carve out moments for us (not enough) and enjoying the many beautiful beaches on the island.  My daughters love the hunt for sea turtles, the freedom of safety on this island, and of course the BEST paninis on the planet!  I’m so happy to see everyone in the sun, minus their usual apple gadgets.  It takes an open mind to travel this far and make everyone happy.   I am so happy and grateful to be here. 

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