Jet Lag!
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Jet Lag!

I’m back at work, in the ModernMom offices getting back into the groove of work mode.  It’s not easy this week because we are all TOTALLY jet lagged. My three youngest have been up every night at 1 a.m., ready to rock! We’ve been trying to keep them up and wake them after short naps, but nothing seems to help.  None of my kids are great sleepers, but this is crazy. Getting tired children through jet lag is really exhausting.  The bad news is that I know the only cure is time.


It wasn’t so bad arriving in Europe, I actually enjoyed sleeping most of the day away (definitely not something I am privileged to at home) but, returning from our vacation has been really difficult.  I’ve had a total of 15 hrs sleep in 3 days. Ambien anyone?!?  Too bad sleep aids aren’t appropriate for kids. The worst is the symptoms that accompany the adjustment- fatigue, headaches and irritability.  I’ve heard that jet lag is usually worse in adults than children, but not in my case! They say to get back on your time track ASAP, play when locals play and sleep when your destination city sleeps.  Much of it is mental, so it’s a good idea to set your clocks to local time right away and forget about what your “supposed” to be doing at home. Healthy eating, less sugar and LOTS of water can help too.  David and I have been trying to go to bed extra early with the kids to balance out the interrupted sleep we knew was coming.  The first three nights were the worst, but it shouldn’t last much longer than that.


We’ve been home for 4 days now and the kids finally slept normal last night and made it to camp today. 


On a better note, the trip was so worth it and I am already missing Europe.

I’ve been going through all of our photos and remembering some of the highlights…

Like when David and my good friend Manny went diving for fresh Uni! No sushi restaurant can compete with that, right out of the water!!!! Yummy

blog post photo

blog post photo


Our final night in Sardinia, we watched the sun set at a really cool beach lounge.  It was as if the curtains were closing on that chapter.  I told my little ones the story of how the sun kisses the water just before it disappears beneath it. Then the moon can shine on the night and watch us sleeping.  They loved it and didn’t take their eyes off the gorgeous setting Italian sun.


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Here is a great tip guide for traveling families.  Stop the jet lag before it starts!

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