Haiti and Giving
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Haiti and Giving

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I have been so slammed working on “She’s Got the Look”. We started production last week. I am just finishing my second day.  It’s going perfectly. It feels great to be back at work in a studio. I have to share one of my favorite parts of the gig…. Being handed a café latte every morning when I arrive. Sounds funny, but any busy mommy will admit, it’s kinda nice to be served once in a while!  

My first day was 14 hrs and I rushed home to see the kids before bed time. It’s hard not being there for them when they wake up. I have been leaving by 5am so I am totally counting on David and they are counting on each other for many things.  I think they feel an important sense of responsibility when they have to help themselves. Obviously not my little ones, but my big girls are more self-sufficient than I often realize.  I think as moms, we sometimes need to be needed more than we actually ARE needed.

Before I began this 2 week stint, I called for a “family meeting”. That is my time to discuss what is coming up and what I am counting on everyone to do. My family and helpers need to know what to expect, so they can succeed in challenging times. My kids have embraced my obligations to work, and I have worked harder to plan extra things for them and ways to pass the time quickly while I am busy.  Having things to look forward to buffs out the time we spend missing each other. I am so grateful to be working and I am committed to making the best of the grueling 16 day schedule!

I really enjoy being around creative people, and by creative I don’t mean 3 yr old abstract artists! I did catch myself today saying, “I need to go potty”, that was totally embarrassing!  It has been awhile since I have had 12 hours of adult conversations and I must say it is so NICE!!!
Today I worked with a world renowned fashion photographer who has shot every celebrity under the sun. He happens to be Haitian. I was so saddened listening to him share his pain and wishes for his country. There we were on set on the beach, complaining about the cold weather and in between takes he was organizing funds for Haiti. He told me that what they needed most over there are sleeping bags… I could hardly focus in our upbeat reality show thinking of what has been going on over there. In just a few days he will return to Haiti to help his people.  It gave many of us a different perspective today, a silent appreciation, a humbling awareness for what we have. 

I have been pretty public lately about my requests for everyone to give whatever they can to help the Haiti disaster. But, I have been thinking about many of our own problems, and how much more we could be helping each other every day.  Even the little things that I expect from my own children make a significant difference in their sibling’s lives.  My family is better when we are all participating and raising each other. Simple things like my mommy friends who have offered to keep my kids while I am busy at work, so fun for them and such a relief for me. GFTTR (girlfriend to the rescue!) I am actually reaching out now in my life and guess what, people are responding and helping in many ways…

I sent a text today to the Red Cross Relief fund to the #90999 word “Haiti”. It rejected the word and said I should contact a website for more info. I tried it again and it went through.  I don’t usually do that, but the 2nd time around it worked. Think about that concept. Not only that, but millions of people saw my text, retweeted it, and many texted in their donations too. Millions of people are helping even though it is a tough time. I totally believe in Karma, and I really feel like there is a shift lately.

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