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I’m in bed early tonight, watching Dancing With the Stars, Rain is passed out beside me. The flu has taken one of the dancers out this week.  That must be so hard to try to connect with a new partner in just a few days.  I remember getting into a groove with Derek when we were dancing that I don’t think could have been duplicated with someone else. It’s awful to work that hard with someone and lose them to the FLU! I’m feeling so sad because my daughter Neriah is home sick at her dads.  I wish was taking care of her.  It’s the first time she’s been sick without me.  Another one of the challenges of having two homes.  

I’m torn about how to treat the rest of the family. Her Dad is treating everyone at his house as a precaution.  Some doctors are recommending that, while my pediatrician says do nothing until you have symptoms.  It’s scary because I have two toddlers at home.  The challenge is that I am dealing with three different school systems.  Rain’s preschool, Neriah and Sierra’s school, and Neriah’s stepsister’s school at her Dad’s house.  That’s a LOT of germs!!! 5 kids are out sick this week in Neriah’s class.  None of us have had a flu shot or the Swine Flu shot.  I personally don’t believe in them, but this season scares me.  The obvious ways to NOT get the flu are lots of hand washing, keep your hands to yourself, I would even avoid polite hand shaking for a while. Lots of rest, healthy eating will keep your immune system strong, and plenty of hand sanitizer.  Rain came home from school the other day and said, “Mommy we never go like this (she imitated a coughing in her hand) we always go like this (she imitated coughing in the crease if her elbow).” It was so cute and so sensible.  I am so happy that they are enforcing that in school, one good cough or sneeze into your hand and you can spread the germs everywhere.

I found this website searching for info today about the Flu http://www.goodtoshare.com/#/flu-vaccination 

I am making a house call for The Doctors tomorrow.  I’ll be visiting a SAHD (stay at home Dad).  That’s the first time I’ve heard that term, and I grew up with one!  My Mom worked several jobs all my life and my Step Dad stayed home to raise my sister and me.  I definitely have respect for that role, but honestly I give credit to anyone who does it.  I have to admit that I am quite jealous lately.  I have been so overwhelmed with work and many new projects that I am secretly wishing I could stay at home with my kids.  I’ve never been a stay at home Mom, I am really missing my kids! Especially Neriah, knowing she is home sick from school at her dads. 

I’m off to bed, feeling run down just thinking about all the sickness and I for sure cannot afford one down day!  Stay healthy…

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