BBQ Party Decorating Ideas
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BBQ Party Decorating Ideas

Decorating for parties, even simple backyard barbecues, really sets the tone for the celebration!

Add a festive vibe or fun theme to your decorations to wow your guests and transform your barbecue party into something special. Keep the decorations low-key for a simple, casual gathering or go all-out for a special occasion, such as a birthday party or wedding reception.


Follow a theme for your barbecue party to make decorating easier. A luau barbecue theme could include tiki torches and grass skirts around the tables or barbecue grill, as long as the decorations don’t create a fire hazard. Common themes for barbecues include nautical, pool parties (even if there is no actual pool), beach or country themes. Choose a theme, or at least a color scheme, that works for your style and taste to complement your barbecue party.

Yard Decorations

Decorate your outside space and yard so guests feel like it’s a party from the moment they arrive. Line the entryway with lanterns or LED candles to guide guests to and from their cars. String twinkling lights or hang paper lanterns from nearby trees, pillars, poles or other structures. String clotheslines across the party space to hang other decorations, such as streamers, balloons or banners, that fit into the party theme.

For example, cowboy hats or bandannas might hang from the lines for a western-themed barbecue. Make yard signs out of wooden dowels and thick poster board to complement the party. For example, make large bug shapes, such as honeybees, butterflies and ladybugs for a garden-themed barbecue. Guests will love seeing a creative and welcoming touch!

Table Decorations

The tables will likely see most of the action since the point of a barbecue party is the food. Use tablecloths as the base of your table decor. Red-and-white checkered tablecloths are common for barbecues, but they might not work for your theme. Use a bright color, such as orange, yellow, lime green or fuchsia, for a cheerful summery feel. Tie a bow or add a cushion to each chair with a complementary color.

Pair red-and-white checkered tablecloths with bales of hay for seating if you’re hosting a country- or western-themed barbecue. Add centerpieces to each table. Galvanized pails, watering cans or decorative vases can hold a bouquet of flowers, such as roses, posies, sunflowers, wildflowers or daisies. Fill large containers, jars or pitchers with lemons, limes, green apples or oranges for a colorful effect. Float candles or place candles in hurricane vases if you want to create a relaxed, somewhat romantic effect. Fill jars with colorful candy or stack desserts on cupcake platters if you want a centerpiece that also provides guests with a sweet favor.

What are you best BBQ decorating ideas? Share them in the comment section!


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