Motherhood Moments: Chronicles of a Single Mom
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Motherhood Moments: Chronicles of a Single Mom

There are moments you wish for and look forward to most as a mom… as a parent really.

Those moments are precious milestones that you read about in books; stories you hear about from friends and family members who have been around the proverbial parenting block more than once.

The funny thing is (I do not really think it’s funny; frankly you might not think so either) – why doesn’t anyone tell you about those moments, where your little one does the unexpected at the most inconvenient time.

By the time your newborn grows into a baby then into an extremely active and participating toddler in the daily hustle and bustle of your life, which is oh, quite so different from the infant months of her just laying there while you make a fool of yourself trying to get her to smile or giggle, it hit you, parenting is quite the chore! And then you think, how does Octomom do it with all those kids?

Now, I am not lamenting for no reason. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with so many thoughts flowing through my internal working systems, my writer’s brain just like the water spilling down our dining room table.

Where did the water come from, glad you asked? I will tell you, but first I must get inspired words out of my head so I’m not overcome with them.

By the way, I’m doing so pleasantly without editing or reading it twice. The type of writing I love is one where I just focus on getting the words out of my brain and less on grammatical errors or punctuations. In my opinion, this is the most honest kind of writing. Back to the spilling water, it is from our glass, which holds a few Chinese Bamboo plants, and was completely out of reach but completely in reach while in her highchair, and she let me know; hence the spill.

Another moment, which is unpredictable and which, of course, no one shared with me is the moment when I turn around to grab a pot from the kitchen cabinet to cook dinner and my 13.5-months-old pulls a fast one on me by splashing her little fingers in the dog’s water bowl. How could I not have seen that coming, how? I’m a mom; I’m supposed to have eyes in the back of my head.

Or, that moment when I’m putting on my makeup in the morning trying to get ready for an 8-hour+ day at work (and let’s face it, a 24-hour shift as a mom), and all she does is literally unrolled the entire tissue paper spewing it all over the bathroom floor regardless of how many times I said no. It’s happened so many times that I just take the roll out and put it some place she can’t reach. Other times, I just let her go at it, I mean, why not, it’s just TP and she’s having fun and not crying.

Or, the moment where she loves to go into the kitchen, take out all the small pots and pans, lids, and starts banging them on the kitchen marble floor; or banging Rubbermaid Tupperware on the floor and hardwood floors in the living room of our quaint condo. I mean I can go on for pages, but I will not.

Conversely, there are moments that make me smile from ear-to-ear, like when I go to work and I find her toys in my Italian made leather handbag while digging for a pen or lipstick. The moments when I smile on the inside as I zone out on conversations, or distract myself from the crawling traffic as I think of how she loves to try to put on my shoes even though she can barely put her own on herself.

Or the moment when she wakes up in the morning, I go to pick her up out of her crib but before I do, she makes certain she hands me her blanket and stuffed toy, Jingle. Then she points towards my bedroom, as is our routine that she lays in bed with me in the morning. Then she mumbles, in her own cute way, for Jolie, our rescue mutt. I call for Jojo, she is usually hiding under the comforter, as soon as she slips out from underneath, Arianna grins from ear-to-ear and her eyes light up.

These moments and SO much more are the epitome of being a mom, a parent. These are the moments I am thankful no one shared with or dare to tell me what to expect. I am thankful because I get to live these wonderful, joyous moments. The only downfall to experiencing these moments is that they go by so quickly, too quickly in fact that if you so much as blink, POOF, it’s gone and there’s nothing you, me or anyone can do to relive those moments.

Now you understand when I overstate just how incredibly happy and lucky I am to be a mom to such a wonderful little girl, I really do mean it. I deserve to be this happy, spilled water, noisy Tupperware, pots and pans and all, I deserve to be happy. And I have Arianna, my little pride and joy, to thank for how happy I will forever be, for the rest of my life.

And that, my friends is my little motherhood moments.

What are your motherhood moments?

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