How To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room
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How To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room

It’s a rare (and lucky) parent who persuade/fight/bribe/beg to clean their room. Closing the door on the mess is one solution, but maybe not the best. Even grownups are more likely to do something if it’s easy (think fast food, Netflix, online banking). Make cleaning their room a little easier by organizing the room with cleanliness in mind. Here are a few ways you can make cleaning their room a little easier for everybody:

Ditch the excess:

One of the best ways to make cleaning their room easier is to get rid of excess clothing, toys and books. Pull out any clothing that doesn’t fit, toys they haven’t played with in three months and books that are too torn or too young for them. You can donate these items, or, if they are in good condition you may be able to earn a little extra cash by selling them!

Clean up to music:

Add a little music to clean up time and boogie along with your little one to burn a few extra calories and clean up with laughter instead of tears.

Create centers:

A simple way to make cleaning a bit easier is to create centers, like a preschool or kindergarten room.  Use small bookshelves to create a reading area, place their laundry basket near their dresser or inside their closet, and create a play space with a small area rug. To help keep the room organized, keep items in their respected areas (clothes, shoes, laundry basket in the dressing/changing area), toys in the play area and all books in the reading area.

Make it fun:

Make cleaning up their room a game! One idea to help keep the clothes off the floor is this fun basketball laundry “shoot”. Encourage them to put their laundry in the basket by assigning points for each clothing item that makes it through the hoop (shirts 1 points, socks 2 points etc.).

With smaller kids you can learning experience. Tell them to pick up everything of a certain color. Then choose another color. Clap your hands and praise them when they get the right colors. You can also use size and shape for little ones. As kids get older consider making it a bit harder by naming categories (everything you would use in a kitchen, or everything you can wear.)

Use labels:

If you have a small space or you need detailed organization, consider purchasing a toy organizer or a few cheap plastic bins. Label each bin with a photo of what goes in each bin. This will help eliminate the “I don’t know where it goes,” excuse.

You can even label drawer for clothing items for smaller kids.

Make it a daily habit: Set a specific time each day (30 minutes before bed time works well) and set that time aside for cleaning their bedroom or playroom. Cleaning a room every day is a lot easier and it’s a great way to end the day. Help your little ones put their toys to bed and you can start the next morning with one less mess to worry about.

Author Bio:  Hank McKinsey is a lifestyle and DIY blogger based out of central California.  When he’s not crafting or blogging, he can be found playing tennis or lounging with his dogs.  Follow Hank on Google + here.


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