Fighting the Flu!
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Fighting the Flu!

I’m at home playing nurse today with Rain.  She just came home sick again from school.  Sierra was out earlier this week and Neriah had a raging case of who-knows-what last week.  It’s like tag-sorry-you’re-IT in my house.

I’ve escaped the bug so far, and I’m trying to help Shaya stay healthy through this nasty flu season.  It’s the worst EVER! Even David was down for the count a few days ago.

Here’s my go-to “Can’t Get Sick” routine:

TLC is at the top of my list and a double dose is always in order when my kids are feeling down and out.  During this challenging time, I can’t wash my hands enough and I encourage my kids to do the same.  I try to avoid touching my eyes as well.

I just made a huge pot of “Jewish Penicillin” otherwise known as my family’s favorite homemade chicken soup.

I also peel, chop and boil fresh ginger. Then I make a tea with honey and lemon out of it.  I drink that throughout the year (hot or room temperature) when I need a pick-me-up or a preventative measure.

I buy local honey, which is also great for allergies, and serve that up by the spoonful for sore throats, as well as in herbal tea with lemon.

I make big bottles of water with a fresh squeezed lemon and a Vitamin C pack for everyone.

I try to limit sugar intake as a common rule but especially when the kids are sick. Sugar feeds the bug!

On high fever days, I dose my kids with a fever reducer, but I try stay as natural as I can with lots or fluids and homemade remedies.

David and I argue over whether to use the bundle up or strip down philosophies of reducing fever.  I believe that you should cool the body during a temperature, but my husband likes to bundle up, lather on the Vicks, and sweat it out. He also tries to stay in bed, which most moms probably agree is NOT an option for us.

BTW, if we all followed the simple rule of keeping our kids home for 24 hours after a fever, there would be a lot less passing of sickness in school. My oldest kids hate to miss school and stress about catching up on homework.   Boy have things changed, I use to love a sick day but my dad would say, “Starve a fever, feed a cold.”  He would limit me to toast and jelly.  I can’t imagine that would go over well in my house today!

When the kids are in school, I open all the doors and windows and Lysol everything. I keep plenty of tissues, soft ones like Kleenex Cool Touch and the slim packs in all their back packs, lip balm for chapped dry lips and small hand sanitizers.  Everything helps!

I love an extra hot Epsom salt bath after I’m on set, it seems to help when I sweat and warm my body.

I also recently discovered MAITAKE mushroom, which is a liquid immune system enhancer that I have been taking since my cancer diagnosis.  The whole family is following the suggested use now as a preventative.

So PREVENT by strengthening your immune system, eating healthy and disinfecting. We all need TLC but it’s amazing how a little attention and care can help cure a little cold.

I’m getting back to Rain now – she’s curled up on the couch watching SHREK for the 500th time!

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