Vegas, BABY!
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Vegas, BABY!

I’m lying in bed next to my sick daughter who finally passed out.  I played nurse all day.  I didn¹t realize how much skill it took to manage the
violent storm of sneezes she delivered every 5 minutes ALL day long! I miss the days when we could give our toddlers cold medicine.  Boy has medicine changed; now for the first 4 years you have to tough it out. Understatement today!

I had an action packed weekend.  Although I know that being flexible is one of a mother’s best qualities, this weekend I redefined the term. I planned a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend with David and some friends in Vegas several months ago. Since David booked his show and wouldn’t be in town for lover’s day, I decided to go anyway and celebrate the holiday with some friends and my family.  What started out as a much-needed adult getaway turned into a family affair including my mom and an ambitious set of friends ready to ring out every moment.

David had to bail out for work, my girlfriend’s husband had a business trip, and my hairdresser broke up with his boyfriend. So off we went with my four kids, my mom and some extremely open minded friends. Hardly the romantic weekend I had planned for Valentine’s Day.

We did it all, the Mirage zoo, the Shark Reef aquarium, 3-hour adult dinners, Cirque Du Soleil for the kids and Nana, and of course I had to hit
the clubs, too.  That’s a stretch for me, because I rarely leave Malibu, but it was so much fun!

When I saw my high school girlfriend hop on the table to dance, I had to smile inside.  The look on her husband’s face didn’t look that much
different than when they were high school sweethearts, 3 kids ago. I was right behind her, we felt young and free and it was such a blast! I can’t remember the last time I had a great night on the town, since all of mine are spent being mommy.  It felt really good to tap into the other part of me that is still so alive.

The only down side is that I think I got 6 hours of sleep the entire weekend because my kids were up at the crack of dawn and ready to have their fun too.  The most hilarious moment was hearing from my friends at noon as they were struggling to peel themselves out of bed and I had already walked 2 miles with the kids to hit the aquarium as I promised.  Somehow as moms, we get it all done!

I felt much like a drill sergeant at the airport, trying to keep track of all of my brood. “Line up through security, shoes off, jackets off and in
the bin, keep your eyes on me, hold your brother’s hand, keep moving, we’re getting food in a minute, don’t run, keep your voices down, don’t lose your boarding pass, we have to see each other at all times, etc.” I use to be a professional traveler, but that was long ago and that was only with baby Neriah!  I wouldn¹t dare attempt it with my FOUR! It was hectic to say the least.

My 7 year old said something so sweet to me last night. “Mommy, you’re kind of like an octopus, you cook with one hand, hold the baby in the other, answer the phone with one, get me drink with another, you’re always doing so much. How do you do that?”  Then she gave me a beautiful hand made Valentine’s Day card that brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with so much love. It even filled the place that missed David.  I am so grateful for the love I share with my children.  And even though I feel like an octopus sometimes, I know that I have mastered the art of multi-tasking.  It just takes one moment with one of my kids like last night, to know that I am getting it all done.  When I read her words on the card that said “You are the best mom someone could have” I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Mission accomplished!”

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