Big Hero 6
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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is the latest in a long string of fabulous Walt Disney Animation Studios movies.

This action-packed comedy centers around a brilliant young under-achiever named Hiro Hamada who along with a group of genius friends and a robot named Baymax save the streets of San Fransokyo (love the name).  The absolute best part of this movie is Baymax – a squishy, funny, sweet and extremely loveable robot.

This is a story with great morals – the importance of family, loss, friendship and that you can be anything you want to be.  Oh, and, of course, super heroes! This movie makes ‘nerds’ super cool which is awesome. Hiro and his group of  brainy friends transform their scientific inventions into fabulous high-tech superhero gear to defeat a dangerous faceless villian.

Visually this movie is amazing – the fictional city of San Fransokyo (a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo) is incredible – especially the Golden Gate Bridge (with a Tokyo flair). The movie is super funny and the relationship between the puffy Baymax and Hiro is wonderfully sweet.


Big Hero 6 opens in theatres November 7th, 2014. Go see it – you’ll love it. Trust me.


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