Brooke Burke’s 10 Fitness Tips
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Brooke Burke’s 10 Fitness Tips

1. BE stronger than your excuses.

2. Make a commitment to a partner, friends keep you honest!

3. Get my Fitness App, Brooke Burke Body, so you can work it anytime, anywhere. I’ll show you how I stay in shape all year! 

4. Schedule your workout week every Sunday. Set yourself up for success.

5. Create a vision board of inspiration. Tape pics of inspiring images around your personal space.

6. Your body is listening to your mind and believing it. Tell yourself you can and you will!

7. Dress the Part! Sweat in Style.

8. Sweat! If you’re not sweating, you not working out hard enough.

9. Drink you body weight in ounces of water.

10. Work to the burn, move past that point and you will change your body.


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