Brooke Burke’s 10 Tips For A Healthier and Sexier Life
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Brooke Burke’s 10 Tips For A Healthier and Sexier Life

I believe that FITNESS is a verb, an action. It’s a way of life, a blessing, an escape.

If you’re lucky, fitness can become the only good thing you’re addicted too. I look forward to my workouts because I know I need them for many reasons. I’ve learned to make fitness habitual. I believe that fitness is a state of mind. Once you get your head in the right place, you body will respond. It starts in your head and ends in your toes.

I believe that fitness is a total body experience. In my Malibu Booty Burn class, I teach an integrated mind, body, spirit work out. Once I imagined myself as a fitness instructor…now I’ve learned about oh-how-powerful the mind is. If you want, you will, and if you believe, you can achieve. I get even more out of teaching my class than I give. I love being an instructor and inspiring other women to take care of themselves. I have never worked out harder, smarter or had more fun. Join my fitness journey on my social handles and occasionally I’ll even invite you to take my Malibu class via Instagram Live.

Think of yourself as the CEO of the most important project in your world. You control you. It’s like putting pen to paper and writing down your personal business plan. I believe you have to allow yourself to be important enough to make yourself a priority and then honor that work by keeping your personal promises and being stronger than your excuses. All it takes to be fit is the willingness and a commitment. Most of us have a plan for our families and our careers, why not have a personal health plan to be our healthiest selves?

I believe that we must get out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to our limits. This applies to life and fitness. Push yourself and you may be surprised at the outcome.

I believe we need to train like an athlete. I used to think during my most challenging, sweat drenched classes that I was training like a guy. Today I celebrate training like a girl, a woman, a warrior!

Fitness is the best medicine I know of. On my worst days, I work out anyway. When I’m fatigued, hormonal, and stressed out, I need fitness even more. No matter how I feel when I begin my workouts, I always feel better when I finish them.

My fitness philosophy goes far beyond the body. The way I see it, the only thing I have control of is my body so I’m taking the best care of myself that I can. But I work out for my head and my heart as much as my booty. My workouts are my hour of me-time – it’s an hour that I don’t have to think about life’s demands, schedules, and problems. I lose myself in a great playlist, I get an adrenaline rush that is invigorating, and I thrive in getting stronger every week. I feel an empowering sense of accomplishment when I know I’m not blowing myself off. I feel challenged every workout and I need that in my life. I also feel happy as I have learned to love a good sweat and embrace the burn or physical exertion.

Here are 10 ways to get you moving and on your way to a fit, healthier and sexier life.

1. Write down your fitness plan – scheduling your work outs will keep you honest.

2. Find inspirational visuals. Let other people inspire you, not intimidate you. Remember you’re trying to be you not anyone else, these images are just for motivation.

3. Be a good friend to yourself. Compliment your efforts, have self compassion and give yourself HUGE credit for every workout.

4. Find fitness challenges that you enjoy. Hiking, Pilates, spinning, family sports, circuit training, dancing, etc. Cross training is super important.

5. Eat! Develop a healthy enjoyable eating plan. “die”ts don’t work long term. You MUST eat to keep your metabolism burning. Starving is unhealthy and ineffective.

6. Drink! Water is your friend. Replace sugar drinks with water. Green tea is a daily favorite of mine and I carry a water bottle everywhere, car, bedside table, office. Stay hydrated.

7. Sweat! If you’re not sweating, you’re not working out hard enough. Plain and simple 🙂

8. Dress the part. Fitness Fashion is so fun and can motivate and inspire you to work out. Find a brand that makes you feel beautiful.

9. Lose yourself in a great playlist. Let music motivate you.

10. Be stronger than your excuses because you’re worth it.

There’s one more, and possibly the most important, thing you can do. Quiet the negative chatter in your inner dialogue because your body is listening. Focus on what you love about yourself (yes, LOVE yourself) and embrace the things you’re working on. Stop every negative thought that enters your mind and replace it with something positive. Soon this will become habitual and comforting. Your body hears everything your mind says and it believes it. So STOP the bad thoughts.

That’s all from the BB Booty Burn camp. Happy sweating! Make it happen