Brooke Burke’s Beautiful Love Note
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Brooke Burke’s Beautiful Love Note

Back to school is upon us. In some ways it represents a fresh start but in other ways it adds a new kind of stress to the family dynamic in relation to establishing new routines. It’s a drastic change from the lazy days of summer to the structure of the school week. All things considered, I love that it opens up a bit more me-time for all of us moms. Spontaneity ruled my summer and now I can begin scheduling important events for myself and upping my social life. I just made a major change to our family, switching from a private school to the public school system. It was primarily a geographic decision which is saving us a traffic grind that had the potential to take up to 4 hours a day. It’s as if God just handed me a few more extra hours in my day, and I’m over the moon with this gift.

I had many conversations with my children to empower them to embrace this new change with confidence. I knew that learning to be together in a new community would be challenging and embracing a new style of learning could be scary. The start of a new school year represents so many different things to children. Especially when they begin the next level of education, change campuses, or switch schools. It can be overwhelming and may create social anxiety. Feeling accepted, safe and if they’re lucky enough, loved, can allow them to keep an open mind which benefits their learning ability on every level. I wrote a little note to my kids today, just some words of encouragement and inspiration to remind them of how wonderful they are. Some thoughts from Mom to take with them, a sweet reminder that they are loved deeply and completely. All children need encouragement, positive reinforcement and the knowledge that we believe in them. My love note was inspired by a recent post that I read by Tracy McMillan.

Feel free to pass this on to your own children.


P.S. Never underestimate the value of a love note to your children, to your partner, and even to yourself. But even a little lunchbox note can brighten your child’s day.