Happy Birthday To Me!
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Happy Birthday To Me!

You know how every once in awhile, you just have one of those days? 

Ok fellow mommies – I’m in back-to-school hell! 

Mind if I b*tch?  If so, kindly skip this post, and I should be back to business as usual in my 40’s.

Yes, I said my FORTIES!!!! (Even though my Birthday Bash invite says thirty-something) And as if the big one isn’t enough to stress a girl out, I decided to celebrate it in a BIG way and add party planner extraordinaire to my repertoire of titles. I want to create a magical evening for my friends and family and I’m absolutely slammed with organizing all the details.

Today has just been one of those days, seriously, and now that all my kids are asleep (one hour late) I need to vent.

If I had the energy and a few extra hours in my day, I would have called a girlfriend and the pity party would be ON! But most are in the same boat, adjusting to BTS schedules. Hopefully they’ll feel a bit more human after reading this post.

It all started this morning at 7am when I rushed out of the house (kid-less) to show up at my oldest girls’ school (it was their dad’s day) to give them a good luck kiss for their first week.  But the crazy PCH traffic made me 5 minutes too late, so what I got instead was the “look” that screams… “Mom, please don’t embarrass me and disrupt my class line with your hopelessly devoted love.”

So I left school frustrated and bummed that my kids are getting so big. 

Then I went to kick off a very busy day of back-to-back meetings. Of course, each one was running late – which really interrupted the mental pat on the back I was giving myself for my perfectly planned schedule.

But my most important goal today – way more important than the business opps I was meeting about – was to take my 9 year old to her first soccer practice.  Now, I’ll be honest, “Soccer Mom” isn’t exactly on my hit list, but I’m doing it because it’s super important to my daughter. 

I pick her up, barely on time as usual, and off we go into the worst highway jam I’ve seen in years.  PCH was closed (not sure why) which means a crazy detour is the only way to get home. And my kids fought with each other the entire ride. 

We FINALLY get there and the coach hands me the game schedule.  Almost ALL of the games are the same day, same time as my Dancing With The Stars script meetings.  Now of course, in my mind, this means the entire production should change the schedule for my poor kid’s games so she is not the Motherless player!!!  (I’m actually not that Diva at all, but truly nothing matters more to me than my kids.) 

Then it took me just as long to get home, because traffic was backed up both directions, plus I was still rushing to make it all the way to back to school for a very important parent conference. This is how I justify my “driver” title. 

Considering the PCH was totally closed, I finally gave up and gave in, and headed home to feed the family.  I stopped to grocery shop on the way, rushed to prepare dinner, fed the kids and headed upstairs. 

Where I found my husband sick in bed with a fever. And we all know what kind of patients men are.  Need I say more?

So between the craziness of four kids, one sick man, one huge birthday bash that I’m trying to plan and btw it’s Hurricane Wednesday (read my book if you missed that definition) – I’m about to lose it! 

– I haven’t eaten since the salad I crammed down during meeting #3
– I still have to mass e-mail all my guests party details before dawn. 

And the worst part is that somewhere between my first and last stop, I lost my party bible, which contains all the gory details for Friday Night’s Bash. 

Party planning sucks and so does today.

I haven’t even scratched the surface on the rest of my family chaos, but I think that’s enough complaining. Whew, thanks for listening.  I’m going downstairs for a bowl of comfortable bowl of cereal. 

When I wake up it will be my birthday and “I can cry if I want too…”

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