Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Living In A Funhouse?
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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Living In A Funhouse?

Life is a funhouse. Mirrors are everywhere. What is it that you see?

Reflections of ourselves are every direction we look. Give yourself the great gift of honesty. There are times when I realize despite continual efforts I am judging. More often than not, those judgements are a clear reflection of me. Therefore, it is up to me to do the changing. When you see something you don’t like, change it.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi

When something is bugging you about another take the judgement off of them, and send the person love from your heart- imagining your love touching and warming them. Now take a look at how you can change to do better in your own life.

Once you become keenly aware of the mirror effect, you realize what it is in your life that requires a change in perspective. When I find myself slipping into judgment I notice what it is I’m doing that I don’t like. Sometimes a self pep-talk such as “Cut it out!” really helps turn things around.

If what you see is becoming more beautiful with a better sense of ease, you’ll know you are on your way to treating yourself with the love and kindness you deserve. The more you treat yourself with love and kindness, the more you treat others with the same love and kindness, including children and loved ones.

Stop and look in the mirrors around you. Is the reflection of love and light?

Life is a funhouse. Scary or funny, dark or beautiful- you can change it into whatever you wish! *~*

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