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blog post photoOMG! I am totally scrambling today, last minute trying to pull our Halloween costumes together.  My face is peeling like a lizard so I am quite happy to be sporting a mask tomorrow.  I actually have a celebrity charity Halloween event to attend on Saturday, which is perfect for my condition since I’ll be hiding behind a mask.  I suppose I don’t even need to go since no no one will know it’s me!  

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We went to the pumpkin patch today and will be carving pumpkins tonight! I just read a great tip for yummy roasted pumpkin seeds. Boil them for 5 minutes before roasting!







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blog post photoI am trying to tone down Neriah’s “sexy” Minnie Mouse costume.  Does anyone feel that the children’s costumes are getting sexier and borderline trampy!?!  I had to ban the fishnets and push for knee socks to jazz up the short tooled polka-dot mini skirt.  I remember last year, Garth had my big girls the morning of the school Halloween party and my 6 yr old decided to be Hanna Montana.  Her costume was more like a trashy blond hooker! Skirt too short and wig to natty, poor baby. 

So what’s appropriate for Halloween, do you break all the rules?  My oldest is thrilled at the idea of wearing eyeliner and make-up to school.  I am dreading that stage when she will be arguing age appropriate looks for school.  I was never big on make-up as a young girl, I’m still not unless I’m working, but I do remember the fights I had with my dad about what kind of bikini I could wear to the park pool.  

Have a Happy Halloween.  Try not to OD on sugar. Be safe!!! I’ll be starting early today at the school carnival, big party in Malibu tomorrow and by Halloween night, I’m sure I’ll be curled up by a fire with David and the little ones.

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