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Overly Scheduled

Ok…I admit that my almost “daily”  blog has become weekly.  I’m sorry, but honestly my family and crazy work schedule has been taking all my time.

I did my first swimwear shoot yesterday, and Sierra, my 8 yr old, joined me.  She loves to get mommy time and always feels special when I take her with me to work.   She’s at that age now that she can hang and entertain herself. Then the rest of my family joined me along with the French TV crews so we could pre tape a family message for David for his finale tonight! He made it to the end, and we are all so proud of him.  The past 2-½ months have truly flown by.  He’s coming home tomorrow, and I cannot wait to be in his arms again.  In my eyes he has already won, but please send him lots of positive energy for the win tonight. At day’s end yesterday, lots of furniture, drapes, and my vanity arrived.  We are all scrambling to get the house done before his arrival.  I’m sure after what he has been through anything will make him happy.  I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they see their Papa again.  What a family reunion it will be….

After both shoots, I had a press event at the Four Seasons; I decided to take my 10 yr old with me.  She loved it and felt like such a young lady.  I loved having her by my side. The personality shift that a child goes through when they feel special is amazing!  Us too…I wish I could bottle that and bring it home for her sassy days. Later that night I decided to stay in the hotel, because I have not slept in way too long.  Sierra joined us later that night and the three of us passed out in one bed, black out drapes, silence, and no little ones for the usual nighttime interruptions. I did feel a bit guilty leaving Rain and Shaya at home, but my body was starving for some R&R, Neriah and Sierra needed some special time, and I am now listening…

Overwhelmed is an understatement for me lately.  I am totally enjoying my new DWTS gig, it’s truly amazing, but when it rains it pours.  There has been so much press, interviews, & photo shoots around it that all my days have been full.  Plus my book release came out which I am soooo excited about! Read about it here.  My writing partner has been in town all week, so at the end of all my long, full days I have been trying to calm my mind down to explore many deeper things and put it all on paper.  Very challenging!  I never realized what an outlet writing is.  It really forces you to look at what you do, why you do it, and other options.  Writing this blog is much the same for me.  You should try it.  Anyone can start their own blog… You can even start on ModernMom. In your profile you can start a blog! If you do, send our team a message (info@modernmom.com) so we can check it out and even feature you on ModernMom.

Today I am taking a mandatory family day, which we all NEED.  I will stay home all day with the kids, and make our house cozy and peaceful for David’s return.  This weekend he will get everything he wants. Saturday I will have another photo shoot, then my usual script mtg at DWTS and by Sunday, Papa will back with us.  What a great weekend, we have been counting the days!

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