Just When You Think It’s Over
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Just When You Think It’s Over

Today was an amazing day!
Last year we lost 2 of our 3 dogs to old age and cancer.  Our third dog, Jake a chocolate lab, disappeared after losing his 2 best friends.  We searched for him high and low for months, hospitals, local vets, and animal rescues.  After a long while, we lost hope, and determined that he left home and must have died of a broken heart. 

Today David got a phone call we had been wishing for, for so long.  It was a vet 20 miles away. They said they had Jake!  To our amazement, we spoke to the man who had taken him in 9 long months ago.  Someone found Jake in our town, had no idea who his owner was (Jake had no collar) and gave him to a neighbor who took him in and cared for him. 

Today, the man took Jake to a Vet for a random check up and for blood work.  After telling the Vet the story of how Jake came into his life, the Vet decided to scan Jake.  David had an identity chip put in Jake as a puppy.  Immediately David’s info and phone number showed up and the Vet was obligated to contact us. 

We couldn’t believe it.  After so many months we gave up.  There is a time in life when you have to let go.  Rain has been talking about Jake since he disappeared.  Just when you think it’s over, life throws you a curve ball.  

We rushed to pick up Jake.  The man who took him in was kind, thoughtful and apologetic for not thinking to have a scan done.  As happy as we were to have been reunited, we were equally sad for the gentleman who was losing his friend of nine months.  It was bitter sweet…

Jake is home now with us.  The kids are ecstatic!

Thank God for honest people who are selfless enough to do the right thing.  I hope something wonderful happens to Audy in the Valley, for caring for Jake and letting him go….

We were just about to get a new dog, a puppy for the kids.  Sometimes what’s old is better than what’s new.
david and jake

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