Do You Suffer From Blogger Elbow?
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Do You Suffer From Blogger Elbow?

As a professional blogger and an amateur stay-at-home mom, I seem to develop a new ailment almost daily:  swollen ankles from sitting all day, carpal tunnel from typing all day, busted eardrums from listening to Dora the Explorer all day. Seriously, Dora needs to explore her “inside voice.”

Working from home and motherhood come with a host of occupational hazards. But it was a severe case of dry elbow skin that appeared out of nowhere and left me completely stumped.

Unrelated:  I also suffer from severe hypochondria.

It took me several days to realize that the dry skin on my left elbow was formed from hours of leaning on a hard surface while surfing the web.
(And I’m actually pretty embarrassed to admit that in the presence of Brooke Burke photos.)

The latest video from Katy in a Corner is my attempt to poke fun at my stagnant self as well as prescription drug commercials. Because sometimes, I’d rather have a headache (for example) than a bleeding ulcer.

YouTube video

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