Dancing with the Glam Squad, Fashion with the Stars
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Dancing with the Glam Squad, Fashion with the Stars

Brooke Burke talks to ModernMom about working hard for a beautiful look

First things first, you need an amazing and reliable Glam Squad.


They have been with me for almost a decade and they are the BEST!  (You can check out some great hair tips from Steven Lake on ModernMom – he’s our resident hair expert.)

I started fittings weeks ago for the Emmy awards, and of course, Dancing With The Stars. I need 20 gorgeous looks for this season. Each one should be different, and if all goes well, each look will outdo the last!

When my stylist Justin Ducoty starts to pull a look together, he puts a lot of thought into the accessories.  Many pieces of jewelry are tested and considered – unfortunately most are borrowed 🙁

The Emmys is one of the biggest nights of the year on TV, and that calls for one ultra-fab fashion-forward look.  Ironically, the very first Cavalli dress that I tried on during my fitting ended up being the winner.

Check out the other contenders –

Here’s my finished red carpet ready ensemble, just before David and I left for the show. This look took my Glam Squad hours to put together!

Trying to pull dresses for DWTS during this demanding fashion time is tough for my stylist since practically every great look is already reserved for the Emmy stars. BTW, these dresses are all borrowed and it’s first-come, first-serve. And, yes, I’ve got to get in line behind all the A-listers, LOL!

Last night’s premiere event on DWTS called for formal sequins. We decided to go with an emerald green gown by Lorena Sarbu.

I love to pull pictures from current fashion magazines to inspire my look each week.  I have a make up wall, hair wall and fashion wall.

Here’s what my DWTS dressing room wall looks like:

I’m really into color this season (bright shades of make-up are fashionable this season too)- it always looks better on TV and makes for a great picture.

This week, make-up artist Marylin Lee is experimenting with fall trends and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and wear darker seasonal colors.

It’s so fun playing dress up every week. A lot of people are involved and we make it fun. We share a lot of laughs and take chances together. I love my job and the process of transformation!


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