Prom Night at Dancing with the Stars!
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Prom Night at Dancing with the Stars!

We kicked off Season 16 of Dancing With The Stars with flying colors, early tears, laughter and of course a ballroom filled with fear!

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Dorothy so soon, but I have great respect for her to step down, care for her body and give another hopeful contestant a shot at the Mirrorball trophy.  I can only imagine her frustration to not be able to do what she set out to accomplish.  What a life lesson and reminder that life often just doesn’t work out like we expect. It was a sad goodbye to her and what a frik’n lucky day for the couple in the bottom two that she saved! Talk about a hall pass!

My behind the scenes life in the ballroom has taken on new energy and in some ways feels like a new beginning without Steven.  I came into this season with my own set of fears, but we’re getting into our groove now and creating fun moments with the newest member of my Glam Squad Jonathan Hanousek.

Of course the celeb-aquarium is as fun and crazy as ever.  I love this cast so far and appreciate everyone who dares to be human with me in their most vulnerable moments.

I’m looking forward ward to a new theme tonight which is “Prom Night.”  I never thought I’d be shopping for a prom dress again in my 40’s.  Justin and I have been cracking up trying to find the worst one, lol!

Check me out on tonight’s show, and no laughing at my hair!

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