Meet the Residents of Chateau Charvet
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Meet the Residents of Chateau Charvet

OMG there are 14 residents living in our house!!!!

We used to be a very busy family of six, but over the past few years, my family has doubled! It’s a motley crew and every bit as eclectic as the Dancing With The Stars cast.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, my responsibilities now include: booking groomers, turning off heat lights at night, buying fresh kale, worms and crickets, cleaning up dead mice, and pooper scooper duties.  The last of which is my all time favorite. Yeah right!

Want some introductions? Here are all the residents of Chateau Charvet:

This is Tabby, my badass cat that even my dogs avoid.  He is fat, aggressive, and he hates me. (Not unlike my children, on some days.)



And this is his brother Willow, the lover.  He’s super sweet, even when he makes a bed out of my Maserati ragtop.  I must applaud him for his good taste.  Rain loves these two and takes really good care of them!

Then we have the Germans – this is Thunder, my handsome German shepherd whose bite is much more powerful than his bark.  Schutzhund-trained, he is our watchdog and always keeps me safe.  I grew up with German protection dogs, but this guy is my prize possession.

Meet Velvet, his sister.  She’s territorial and despite her petite frame, can kick her brother’s tail.  She rules the house, and keeps the others in line.


This is Spike, our bearded dragon.  He’s a miracle. After escaping and surviving for a year in the wild, he returned ready for more Chateau Charvet Chaos.  Despite how crazy our household can be, even a reptile felt the love and came home for more!

Pokey is the newest member of our clan.  Rain has been working hard to sleep in her own bed and this adorable African Turtle was her reward.  He’s two weeks old, cute as can be and never lonely.  All the kids adore him, feed him and give him lots of free play. We also have fish (as if there isn’t enough action in our house already), but they don’t really last long enough to make the list! Thank G**.

And of course there are the six of us that make up my blended brood.

Two more wonderful people help raise us all and complete the number 14! But it truly does take a village or in my sense a ZOO!

Even on bad days, when the cat drags in a dead mouse or Spike’s cricket’s have escaped or the dogs ate the cat litter and Rain has lost Pokey for the 8th time, we love our animals. 

They give us a sense of companionship, make our house feel like a home and teach all my children a sense of responsibility.

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