Boy, I Wish I Had His Life!
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Boy, I Wish I Had His Life!

Brooke and Shaya

Someone stopped me in the elevator today while I was pushing sleeping Baby Shaya and he said, “Boy, I wish I had his life!” 

I totally agreed with a giggle as I thought….. Who wouldn’t want to be strolled around all day, fed fresh healthy food and given something to drink before you even knew that you were thirsty? Can you imagine, being rocked to sleep, taking long uninterrupted naps in the afternoon, having your clothes laid out for you each day – coordinated, with a few outfits on back up?

If you were having a bad day for no particular reason and decided to be grumpy, or worse, threw yourself on the floor in a screaming fit, they’d still love you and actually spend time trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with you, even better they might take responsibility for it! When you got bored, they’d pull out several activities to simulate you. They’d make sure you were getting enough exercise, and they would enroll you in several classes which they’d drive you to – so you could not flake or procrastinate on your “me” time.  

If you hadn’t developed any hobbies, don’t worry because you’d be exposed to so much, that you’d be sure to develop some talent. And, let’s not forget about friends, you’d never get lonely because they would coordinate a variety of playdates for you.  You’d almost never get into fights, because they’d plan your playdates at the appropriate times for the right amount of time. When you didn’t feel like taking the time to go to the bathroom, not to worry because you could just GO… If you accidentally burped, or WORSE, even when you stunk – they’d think you were cute!

No matter what you did, even when you couldn’t be soothed, they would love you unconditionally.  Who wouldn’t want that life!!! 

Aaahhh, the things we do for our children.

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