Hanging with Chelsea Lately, Tonight!
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Hanging with Chelsea Lately, Tonight!

I am recovering from an amazing 4-day holiday for the 4TH.  

My kids had the best time!  We watched fireworks on the lake from a boat.  It was definitely a trip to remember.  Now I am slammed with calls, e-mails and work.

The key really is about balancing it all.  Time for family, time for my relationship, time for business, and last of course, time for me.  People always ask me how I do it with four kids.  I always wanted a big family, but it is truly a challenge.  David and I actually need to schedule time together.  It’s a must-have, and usually wishful thinking.  On the other hand, I never seem to be able to escape for “me” time.  

My girlfriend, mother of three and married to her high school sweetheart (amazing) is really good at carving out time for herself and time with girlfriends.  She says she is a better wife and parent for it.  I will take my first EVER girl trip with her.  We are planning to escape to a spa in a nearby town and enjoy one day and night away without our kids – or our men.  One night may sound like a no brainer to many, but to me it’s a big deal and much needed.  I actually feel a little guilty because David and I desperately need some time alone too, I just can’t win….

The episode I shot for the Chelsea Lately show is airing TONIGHT on E! I love her!  We’re dishing about ModernMom, kids, and marriage.  Many people think David and I are married, those that don’t think we are planning a wedding.  Everyone loves to ask me “When’s the date?”  Truth is, we are so “married” in our hearts, no date has been set.  We just aren’t following the rules right now, and we are ok living the way we do…
Chelsea Lately Brooke

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