High School Reunion Checklist
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High School Reunion Checklist

It’s reunion season!

In fact, I just got home from my 20th high school reunion weekend. Even though I over-packed, I still forgot a few essentials.  If you are planning to attend a reunion of any sort then I would suggest the following necessities for a Modern Mom. No matter your plans, here’s the list that you can’t do without:

1. Reliable Child Care

Leave your children in capable hands. Nothing will be fun if you are spending all your time worrying. Transcribe a clear plan and emergency contacts for your children before you leave. If your children aren’t happy, then chances are that you probably won’t be either. 

2. Foldable Flats

I don’t know why but as we get older – heels get higher.  Stick a pair of foldable flats in your bag and you’ll thank me in the morning. I wish I had. Two days later my feet still hurt! Flip-flops work too. Trust me, anything looks better than bare feet at midnight.

3. Ibuprofen

Whether you “party like it’s 1999” or not, ibuprofen is smart to carry along wherever you go. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your good time. A night out is reason enough to celebrate. Even if the drinks don’t get to you, the nostalgia might. Memory road is long and sometimes painful to travel. Ibuprofen will help.

4. Your Old Yearbook

Dig it out of storage. Everyone will want to take a look. It’s great for conversation and for helping to trigger your memory! 

5. Waterproof Mascara

Unexpected crying may be induced for various reasons, most likely from laughter.  Make sure you don’t end up looking like Alice Cooper. Those Facebook posts could come back to haunt you.

6. Spanx

Had kids? Enough said.

7. Actual Pictures of Your Children

I wish I hadn’t wasted other people’s time scrolling through my iPhone to find decent pictures of my kids. Ones where they weren’t sticking out their tongues or looking sullen. It would have been better to print out one or two good photos ahead of time and stick them in my purse. Besides, constantly looking at my phone for photos only reminded me of responsibilities and calendar schedules waiting for me at home. 

8. A Camera With A Flash

For some reason, the very best pictures happen after sundown.

9. An Uninhibited Friend Who Has A Good Memory

Someone willing to recall colorful memories and retell stories will keep you laughing and everyone else entertained. If you’re a little shy then you will want to stick close to this person. Everyone loves to reminisce and it’s always fun to hear different perspectives. You’ll leave the night feeling more connected to your past. 

10. Water

Dehydration is not your friend. Drink it often. You’ll look and feel better.

11. A Good Attitude

Go without expectations and prepare to have fun. No one wants to end up next to someone who spends the night complaining that their dinner is cold, the line for drinks is too long or reliving a grudge. Go in and have fun. Besides it might not happen again for another ten years.

It’s great to celebrate life’s milestones. With all of these essentials you’re sure to have a good time. What are some of your best packing tips? I’ve heard that plans for a 30- year are currently underway.

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