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Sugar Mommas’ Lipsmackin Lemon Bars

Sugar Mommas Lipsmackin Lemon Bars Have you been on the hunt for the perfect Lemon Bar? Look no further. We have THE ONE! These lemon bars have the perfect amount of zest, tang and lip puckering sweetness! My son kept asking me for more lemon tarts. (Theyre fabulous for breakfast- shhh!)

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Sugar Mommas’ Firehouse Banana Bundt Cake

Sugar Mommas Firehouse Banana Bundt Cake Submitted by Judy Rollins Dont judge a book by its cover. The most unassuming little powdered sugar-coated bundt cake turned out to be a wonderfully moist surprise for Sugar Momma Jenna. This is one of the quickest, easiest cakes youll ever make. And Sugar Momma Kimberlys family DEVOURED it when she tested it even picky Poppa Reiner gave it the big thumbs up. You can read about how we found it in this weeks blog Firehouse Family but trust us on this one you cant go wrong with a firehouse recipe!