My Bucket List
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My Bucket List

Hello Everyone!

I was inspired to create my own bucket list. Little by little, I have been checking things off my list. I wanted to republish my Bucket List to encourage you all to create one. Don’t wait until the new year to create your resolutions.

Good Luck!



Here’s my bucket list:

Host Dancing With The Stars, it’s either that or American Idol, and Ryan isn’t going anywhere.

Create and star in the ModernMom TV show.

Sleep for 8 hrs all week long, maybe even squeeze in an hour nap!

Eat marguerita pizza with jalapenos and olive oil drizzled over it for lunch every day and not gain 1 lb. Plus a great bottle of wine and not get sleepy at 4pm.

Go on a Safari in Africa with the family.

Spend 10 days on a yacht with David and friends visiting the Mediterranean Islands, great company, great chef, and great wine.

Drink French Bordeaux with dinner every night. How many times have I mentioned fine wine?

Live on a ranch part time with my children, buy them all a horse and have lots of animals.

Create a beautiful organic veggie and herb garden and never have to buy produce again. Ahhh I love fresh food!

Take my children on an open water dolphin dive.

Have the sex and romance that David and I shared in St Tropez, pre-kids. We still have great sex, but oooh that was one romantic trip!!!

Never see my 40th birthday, live through it, but just not acknowledge it.

Dance the Rumba with Derek one more time for a big charity event and not screw it up.

Win an Emmy.

Let my son eat chocolate every time he asks for it, that smile is worth a million dollars and I melt for him.

See David perform live, sit front row at his concert while he sings “If I Don’t Tell You Soon” to me just like the scene from Pure Country.

Have another baby without being pregnant again – Gosh I’ve been pregnant my whole life! I could always have a baby in my home.

Be happy, have happy children, be in love, and stay healthy.

Not have my children hurt from having a blended family, not miss me all the time and miss their dad, too. It’s so unfair and sad.

Be on the cover of Shape magazine.

Spread the 4 R’s concept, “Re-Think, Refuse, Re-use, Recycle.

Do a girls’ getaway for one night every month.

Always have enough work to never have to worry about my family.

Cuddle with my children for the rest of their lives.

Hit Rodeo Dr. for a purse-shopping spree, unlimited budget.

Oh what the hell, shop till I drop in Paris and with a driver and a staff to carry my bags!!! Of course that includes a trip to Cartier to buy a new gold watch.

Do the Milk campaign with my kids…Got Milk?

Find a way to convince people to stop ruining our environment.

I want to laugh a little every day, never be afraid to cry and know when I close my eyes at night that I am exactly where I belong.

I want romance, lots of it, and to stay in love forever.

To spend my summers in Europe, the school year in Malibu, and Christmas break in St Barts

Inspire women to embrace the woman behind the scenes and be who they are meant to be.

One more chance to take my Father on his dream vacation.

Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise, with a hot cup of Java and my love.

Be on Oprah.

Learn French.

I want my mom to live forever.

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