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I slept for 18 hours…

I slept for 18 hrs this weekend, I feel like a new woman!  I totally hit my wall on Friday night, exhausted from a long stressful week. I went to an amazing event on Friday night but I fell asleep during it!  I was so embarrassed and also feeling like David and I are way too young to be this tired.  Reality is that we never get a full night sleep and the consecutive days are killing us! In desperation I came home and took a big dose of sleeping pills and literally knocked myself out for 10 hrs!   

I hate that feeling, I need it so much and I felt 100 times better the next day.  It’s amazing how sleep deprivation can affect many areas in your life.  Something has got to give for us, because we can’t keep doing this.  I feel like David and I are going through the most trying time of our relationship.  Surprisingly we are in a great place, but I truly forgot how challenging babies first years can be.

I think it’s so important to get caught up on sleep at least once a week, that’s the bare minimum.  I start to get so grumpy and moody and I can’t function after 6 days.  One good night’s sleep has been my survival tip.

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