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I just wrote a funny text to my nanny as I tiptoed out the door to go to work at 6am. 
(Get over the Nanny comment please, I am a working mom and that means help is needed) – I hate when I get negative comments about that…

Anyway, I tiptoed out of a sleeping house at 6am and sent this message:

“Rain and Shaya would love 2 hot cocoas in my bed while watching 2 episodes of recorded Dora The Explorer, Neriah and Sierra should get up in 15 min, Sierra may need a 2nd wake up call, and she’ll try to sneak into my bed and watch TV – don’t let her. They will help you pack their lunches, don’t let them skip breakfast, they’ll try.  Sierra likes her eggs well done, borderline burnt, Neriah crunchy toast with butter, make sure there is fruit on the table, Shaya likes to stick his finger in the raspberries, and he’d love a spoonful of peanut butter.  Rain will eat 2 boiled eggs.  Get them in the car 5 minutes early, it takes that long to get settled, double check the school calendar for any special needs today. Don’t forget Neriah’s homework folder, BIG report due today.  Please prep everyone who is picking them up and call me from the car…”

I was laughing after I sent it because God forbid if something was not done perfectly the way Mommy does it!  The entire house may fall apart… REALLY?

Is that what we think as mothers?  Funny how when our children are at someone else’s home and their normal routine is changed, they do just fine.  I think we mommies worry more than our kids do about what they need.  We are over achievers and always try to do it ALL.  I didn’t realize how particular my breakfast scene is until I sent those instructions.  I could be putting a variety of cereal boxes on the table and everyone would probably choose their favorite and be happy…. Naaaaw, too easy!

Then I sent a message to my Nanny saying, “bring Shaya to the set if he wants to hang with me, it will be a long day away from him.”

The next text I received from her at 9:30 am read….

“Kids were GREAT this morning, everyone got to school on time, big girls were huge help, well fed and happy.  Shaya and I are off to the promenade to enjoy our day, good luck at work, have fun!” 

My note to self, everyone is just fine…the guilt and worry that I carry for being at work is mine and only mine.  Not only are my kids doing great, they are having fun!

I am almost done with the production for She’s Got The Look – 3 more days.  It went so fast!  It’s bittersweet.  I am so happy to be part of this show.  Even better is the fact that it is banked now and will air while I am home enjoying my family.

Another mission accomplished.  Working with the contestants has been a testimony that as women, at every age, all things are possible.

I am living proof.  I raise four kids, I have just finished another series and I am going home to a happy family.  Happy mommy too!!!

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