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Having the Right Tools

I just finished an hour Pilates Plus class, which is the hardest and BEST workout I’ve ever done.  My schedule has been insane lately so I am forcing myself to carve out an hour for myself every few days to balance it all.  I have also been eating really healthy, lots of colorful, fresh foods and fish.  I am feeling great!


Yesterday was an incredible experience.  I had a 10 hr shoot for my first episode for The Doctors.  It was truly a different experience for me.  I have always loved hosting and interviewing people, but yesterday was all about family and mommy stuff.  I enjoyed working in that space even more than the RockStar days.  It’s funny how different it feels to have an opportunity to do something that is organic to me and that I am passionate about.


I interviewed a bunch of mommies and met their babies.  We talked about all sorts of issues, the ones that no one is dishing about over lunch with their girlfriends.  Breast feeding, keeping your relationship sexy, labor fears, throw up, and on and on.  What came up confirmed my beliefs that as mothers we are going through the same things.  It was such a fun and honest conversation. 


I actually admitted that as much as I love and adore my family I have days when I’d like to hop in my car, drive North and keep on going.  Anyone who doesn’t ever need to escape and doesn’t long for their single days is probably lying.  I am sure I will get some feedback from the mom who would “NEVER” admit that. But come on, we all need our moments, and as busy moms there just aren’t enough of them.  I also preach so much about the importance of “me” time and I am amazed how many women just don’t take it. I often am one of them. 


It was so fun to be in a non-judgmental group that wanted to learn from each other.  So many women are insecure about their choices and need validation for how they are raising their kids.  I say, figure out what works for you and your family.  We all have that opinionated friend that thinks her way is the only way.  I promise you, its NOT!  There are so many different and successful ways to raise our kids.  What works for different families fascinates me.  I learn from other women every day.  Really it’s about having the right tools and there is nothing wrong with borrowing the ones you don’t have. 

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