It’s April Fools’ Day!
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It’s April Fools’ Day!

Be careful today!

Don’t believe everything you hear and watch your back because it’s April Fools’ Day and someone may be plotting to catch you off guard right now!


Every wonder where this holiday of pranks came from? Most people believe it began around 1582 in France when Charles IX reformed the calendar and introduced the Gregorian Calendar.

At this time New Year’s Day was moved from a week long celebration (I guess because it was called New Year’s Day, not week?) starting March 25th and ending on April 1st, to the current January 1.

They didn’t exactly have the Internet back then, so information traveled slowly and some people didn’t even know the calendar changed until several YEARS later!

And you guessed it, these people were labeled ‘fools’ by their not-so-understanding friends. They were sent on ‘fools errands’ where they were sent invites to non-existent parties and the target of other practical jokes.

What’s the best April Fools Joke you ever played?

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