Brooke Burke’s DWTS Look – Season 14, Week 3
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Brooke Burke’s DWTS Look – Season 14, Week 3

Marylin Lee is part of Brooke Burke’s Glam Squad – the team responsible for taking her from “mom” to “fab” every week on Dancing with the Stars. Here are some of her expert beauty tips on how you can get Brooke’s look:

What a fantastic week at “Dancing with the Stars!” We had two amazing looks for Brooke!

Monday’s black and red Ombre dress by Dalia MacPhee was truly special. I couldn’t have the makeup compete in color, but I wanted it to be unique as well.

I was inspired by eyeliner technique seen on the catwalk at Fashion Week. Where else can you play with this besides “Dancing with the Stars?”

I used good ol’ MAC BlackTrack for the eyeliner applied with a liner brush, my favorite is the MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush.

Lining the waterline of the eye with a white pencil makes the liner pop, and extending it out next to the black liner creates a retro look and makes the eye look bigger, a la Twiggy.

For false lashes I used two pairs. Experiment with layering lashes to create new looks! I used a generic #607 lash for length, and a shorter spiky lash by Smoke and Mirrors beauty in Miami.

I kept Brooke’s lips nude for this look. I used Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick in SL12 and Lancome Juicy Tubes Gloss in Shimmer.

A fun detail:  Brooke gave her nails a trendy look by alternating colors, with a red and a glittery gold (check it out in the photo above!).

Check out more behind the scenes photos from Week 3:



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