DWTS Season 14, Week 5: How to Get Brooke’s Glam Look
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DWTS Season 14, Week 5: How to Get Brooke’s Glam Look

Steven Lake and Kristin Confer are the PhDs of hair. They bring over 30 years of experience, education, and teaching to the hair industry.

Their passion and insight set this Perfect Hair Duo up for success in creating, recreating, and sharing their vision and creativity behind the chair and on set.

Dancing with the Stars: Season 14, Week 5

Every week, Brooke Burke goes from “Mom” to “Glam” on DWTS!

We’ve got some tips to help our modern moms recreate these looks at home. Here’s how to get Brooke’s fab look from this week’s “Latin Night” show!

Sultry Curls

Steven Lake goes for a Latin inspired sexy look for “Latin Night” to embrace Brooke’s natural curls.

Go from casual to sexy in these three easy steps.

1. Following a good blowout, take 2” x 2” sections around the head, wrapping ends of the hair around a 1/2″ curling iron.

2. Allow each curl to cool and fall with a tug on the end.

3. Give your hair a couple good shakes, finger through the ends with a hair oil, and spray with a light hairspray.

Extra Tips

  • Smaller curling iron and larger sections, makes for a sexy wave.


  • Use a protective spray when blow drying or setting the hair, to protect the hair from heat styling.


  • Create a sexy relaxed curl by tugging on the end of each curl.


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PhD wants to know, “What is YOUR favorite look so far of the season?”


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