Biorhythms, Boobs and Bad Press
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Biorhythms, Boobs and Bad Press

Last night I was grocery shopping, rushing as usual.  When I unloaded the bags at home I realized that my wallet was not there!  I backtracked, trying to remember if I left it at the cash register.

Nope.  I left it in the grocery cart, which I did not put back in the cart return – I was the jerk who left it in the parking lot.  So I drove back to the market, it’s dark and I see my cart left in my spot. It might as well have had a “FREE $$ and Credit Card” sign on it.  I pulled up and there was my wallet, as I left it, cash and cards intact.  My conscious said…”You lucky lady!”   I was so grateful.

I have this weird thing about lost/forgotten items being returned to me.  Today, my missing laptop, which I left on the plane three weeks ago, was returned to me.  It was like the re-uniting of a tech love affair, I even kissed Mac!


Today the planets must have been all jacked up because so far everything has gone awry this morning.  Today I overslept, which never happens in my house of four noisy children.  Traffic was a parking lot all the way to work, so I was late to my first script meeting.  I missed my A.M. shake which is how I start my day always – no ifs ands or buts.  I had to cancel my hair color appointment because of production changes and I left my garment bag at home so I have nothing to wear to my BBC dinner tonight!  Looks like a sequin ball gown may be my only option, oy!

I’m not really superstitious, but there are some things I like to keep as is – like my chopped salmon salad that I eat EVERY day at DWTS.  I have been having the same lunch for five seasons!  The restaurant which delivers my usual salad every show day at noon, just went out of business. Great!

To add to the series of negative biorhythms, we are having dramatic double elimination in the ballroom, which means we are losing two great dancers tonight!  (America will probably get it wrong.) The energy at work is stressful, nervous, and frightful.  Who knows who will be saying goodbye with a cast this talented?  And who will make it to the finale is an even bigger mystery.

I was in a fitting for my final gowns and three zippers broke – thank God it wasn’t during a live show.

Then I see a terrible pic of myself in the weeklies, losing to Tori Spelling on the “Who Wore it Better?” page. And I’m getting Google alerts all about my recent Prevention magazine article… Botox and new boobs. No, I didn’t get some and I am not scheduled for surgery any time soon, LOL!

I’m about to get into Steven Lake’s hair chair and let him do my color for the first time.  Now my conscious is saying, “Maybe not the best day, Brooke” but I’m not going live with greys so my faith in Steven overrules today’s energy and I’m praying for a chestnut brown result.  And, he wants to cut some bangs, oh boy!!!

Check us out tonight….

(So I decided to give Steven Lake bangs too!)

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