Tone and Burn Cals While You Shop: Skinny-Shop!
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Tone and Burn Cals While You Shop: Skinny-Shop!

Warning: We’re closing in on Christmas.

Fact: There is almost no time to workout. There is definitely no time to do any extra working out.

Fact: We are eating more calories and sugar and need to workout more then ever.

Fact: Most of us need to get it in gear with gifts, parties, clothes, etc…


Given this information it seems the best way to get in some extra toning and cardio as well as get all of your holiday shopping done is to put them together.

 Since I find myself in this predicament each year. Here is what I have come up with, Skinny-Shop. Skinny-Shop blends simple, effective toning and calorie burning techniques into your necessary shopping outings.

 Preparation (before you head out):

  • Find a friend to Skinny-Shop with you—it’s a lot more fun and you will put in more effort (this is not required).
  • Eat something with a good balance of foods like half of a turkey sandwich on whole grain or an omelet with cheese and veggies.
  • Drink a full 8oz glass of water (don’t worry about having to pee later-you’ll figure it out) before you leave the house.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and flats or sneakers
  • Make a Skinny-Shop crucial calorie burning kit:

    • Bottle or two of water
    • Apple slices
    • Bar-any kind under 230 cals and 8g of fat
    • Purell

 When you get to your first destination and park, say to yourself “I am ready to make this a fun calorie burning and body toning experience!” Then repeat it.

 The Shopping:

 Every hour return your car, Purell your hands, and walk around the block

  • 1st hour hydrate
  • 2nd hour snack
  • 3rd hour hydrate again
  • 4th hour snack again
  • and so on…

 While you are shopping and walking

  • Keep your ribcage up, shoulders back and stomach pulled in.
  • Take long fast strides using your whole foot to walk


While inspecting merchandise

  • Squat down, don’t lean over- hold the squat while you examine the goods
  • Use your abs to reach twist and turn
  • Keep breathing- strong inhale/exhale (breathing fires up your metabolism)


In the dressing room  ( this is embarrassing to do in public)

  • 20 standing squats
  • 20 tricep dips off of the bench or chair

Do this each time you go in the room or before each item if you have 5 things or less.



Post Skinny-Shop:


Standing Stretch– reach both arms up to the sky while pulling your shoulders down. Feel your trunk and abs stretch with your feet planted firmly on the ground.


Find a healthy dinner with lots of veggies /salad, and protein. Hot tea is nice too.


These are all fun and easy suggestions, THAT ACTUALLY WORK. They also prevent the energy drain and bloat that comes with the territory of holiday shopping.


Good Luck!!! Happy Holidays!!!


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