Riding the Wave
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Riding the Wave

This weekend marks many things for me.  The first day after wrapping my DWTS season felt like summer vacation. Now that the kids have been home from school for four days, we have officially kicked off summer.

I put away all my diamond-studded heels, all my beautiful ball gowns were returned, and my mommy duties are back on.

Not that I ever escaped Mommyville, but now my days are spent grocery shopping, cooking, catching up at school, cleaning out closets, and catching up on the tender stuff.  I often wonder who has the toughest job – stay at home moms or working moms. Both sides of the debate could make good arguments, but I fortunately love both and seem to find a manageable balance.

As much as I love my job, when this season ended, I was so happy to get back in the groove at home.  On my first few days off, I cleaned out the garage, my closets and now I’m slowly working on my girls’ rooms too. That may not sound like much fun, but doing housework and getting organized is therapeutic for me, and that’s the stuff that gets neglected when I’m super busy.  Never my kids, because I make them my priority, but jeez the house can get messy!

We spent the weekend with friends, barbecuing, chilling by our pool and hanging at our local beach club.  A day there is as great as a summer vacation in St. Barts.  It’s really about good friends and time off to spend with our families and watching our kids run free.

I was watching my 12 year old hanging on the beach with a few teenagers, wearing MY bikini and cut-offs.  What a trip!  She’s getting so big.  Remember the blog I wrote a few months ago about tweens not wanting to have anything to do with their parents – called Being a Parent Not a Friend? Well, that wave has crashed (Thank God!) and we are super close now.  It’s a beautiful time for us, and I cherish every talk we have.  My little one will ride her own wave; I’ll wait and wait close by for her to come in.  It’s all complicated but yet so predictable, and I’m learning that patience is the secret.

My recent blog was quite emotional and I truly appreciate all the feedback. Just to give you an update,  I am still in a tough space with my 10 year old, but we are working through it.  I am realizing the power of love and patience – another lesson taught to me by my children – they never stop educating me! The story of our lives is written in a beautiful children’s book that a dear friend ironically gave to me.  Strangely it was read to an adult meditation class because of its universal meaning.  It’s called “The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Brown. It’s about a deep love and dedication that is so strong that nothing can break it. Not even hills and valleys in one’s path and those that hurt you along the way.

For me, the message is about loving your child no matter what they say to you, no matter how they push you away and reject you or break your heart. I read it to my children and to myself  – it defines the truth that I know.  A mother’s love is true and deep and it will always be there.  Check it out…

Enjoy your holiday.

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