Endings and New Beginnings
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Endings and New Beginnings

As summer nears and the school year ends, I find myself a bit emotional as I watch my children hit landmarks.

Some are racing to the finish line, one struggles to get there, another enjoys every day of the countdown.  My oldest is graduating elementary school and prepping for 7th grade. The birds and the bees are flying close above and Mother Nature is staring her in the face.  She grew up so fast. Now she’s wearing my shoes, sharing my bathing suits (not the itsy bitsy ones) and talking about boys…oh boy!

We spent the afternoon yesterday shopping for her graduation dress, which was found in my department, not the junior section.  She’s too big for girls and most size appropriate styles are NOT age appropriate. But we agreed on the final choices and enjoyed the time together.  I am certain it was much more special for me, I enjoyed every moment and felt like I was dressing a girlfriend, not my 12-year-old. That was bittersweet.

My youngest daughter will finish her homeschool in just a week and begin her “big girl” kindergarten next year. I spent the morning with her for the last time in her Temple pre-school class.  As if yesterday wasn’t emotional enough, now I’m PMS-ing and crying during “Bim Bim Bam” at pre-kindergarten temple.

I have been so blessed to have experienced bits and pieces of her and her brother’s learning process at our homeschool. I’ve stood at the top of our staircase listening to their process, their excitement, their struggle and their joy of discovering new things.  Many days, I would just listen when I was working in my home office, others I would read the class stories and be snack mom.  I cherish all of those moments at home and know how quickly they end once they start regular school.  Our home school is every bit of normal, but I know they won’t be that close to me for long.

My 10-year-old will be in 5th grade and become the oldest sister at her elementary school next year as Neriah moves on the middle school and Rain joins her for kindergarten.  Hopefully that will be her time to shine when her big sister leaves the campus and she become the oldest sibling there.

My little guy Shaya, who is only four, will get left behind to find his own way, which is both sad and exciting to see how he develops on his own.  He’ll rejoin two of his sisters next year in kindergarten.  (Are you following all this? Now you know why I am often MANIC.)

Shaya and Rain are desperately close, just one year apart.  But he is all boy, loves school, sports and karate.  He just took his test for the next belt, I was such a proud mom that day, trying to not let my shaky giggles mess up my videography. But he was so freakin’ cute that I couldn’t help but laugh.

That’s the latest with all my kids.  Lots of milestones, memories and changes. 

Time slows for no one… they are growing up so fast. What a beautiful journey.

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