Change Your Perspective. Change Your Life.
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Change Your Perspective. Change Your Life.

You can change your whole life with a change in perspective. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to help guide us to look at things differently. I once heard a Mom describe her daily chores as scared work. That one moment in time completely changed the way I see my day and the tasks that I do. You see we are all here doing our scared work. It is not the world’s opinion of what we do that matters, it is ours that does!

Watch this video for some motivation to see things differently!

YouTube video


If you put loving energy into what you do, you experience your day in a whole new way.

“Change your perspective and you change your reality.”  ~ Mr. Prophet

Share your ideas and tips with the community – We need you!

Has a change in perspective changed your life? How have you been able to turn things around by changing your perspective? Any advice or tips you can give us on how to increase joy in our day?


With love & gratitude,
Wendy Irene


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