Test Results
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Test Results

Thank you so much for all your love, support and positive feedback regarding my thyroid biopsy.  My results are a bit vague, to say the least.

My biopsy reports came back  “Atypical.”  I have been doing A LOT of research and I am still learning, but to the best of my knowledge what that means is more doctors, second opinions and more tests in the next weeks.  

“Atypical” means that they cannot determine whether my cells are benign or malignant.  It’s basically indecisive, which means I have several options and decisions to make.  Some people chose to leave nodules like mine alone and re-biopsy them every six months to determine change, growth, and new developments. Some people can’t handle that stress and the unknown so they opt for the aggressive approach, which is to surgically remove the concerning lumps.  I am getting a second opinion and have scheduled a new more decisive test.  I hope to know more in a few weeks. 

I hate the unknown in this case, although I have mastered the art of that space in my family life. When it comes to health, I would much prefer to know what I have to deal with and take the necessary steps rather than the “we don’t know” results.  I am optimistic, and prepared to be guided by a trusted professional.  That’s all I know for now… I feel fine and I am letting go of the fearful stress until I get my second test.

Thank you so much for all your concern.  After reading all the ModernMom community comments, I am blown away by how many of us have thyroid diseases. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us.

As for the few people who have to criticize and can’t see my intention to encourage people to take care of themselves… try to open your eyes to why I blog and share my personal life. It’s so much deeper than where you went. It’s sad to read your comments, but I accept that are always haters.

Ironically in June issue of prevention Magazine, I was featured on the cover and interviewed for an inside editorial.  I gave my interview 6 months ago… .the caption read: “To me, ‘prevention’ means being brave enough to be aware. It takes time, but I want to be around to take care of my family.”

Life is business as usual and I really do feel great.  I will share any updates or news as soon as I have it.

I had a blast last week on the “Bethenny” show.  It airs this Wednesday – 7/18.  Love her and all that she has accomplished, check us out!

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