Sexy Six Week Slim Down
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Sexy Six Week Slim Down

I just finished a great brainstorming meeting with Sony.  They produced my first two fitness DVDs and we are ready to start developing my next two.  I have spent the last year working out in a different way than ever before. Training to fatigue!

Most of you may know that I like to try new things, I take a lot of different classes and I try to always keep it fresh and fun.  But facts are facts, and now that I’m 40, I need to work out harder and more often than ever before.  The good news is that the more I do that, the better I feel. 

My mood, energy and even my sex drive are better when I’m working out.  It keeps me sane, helps me relieve stress and makes me feel like I am doing something for myself.  I have preached all this before so I won’t bore you with my repetitive fitness philosophies, but I will tell you that this summer I am kicking it up a notch!

I started working my body, part by part, to fatigue.  If you want to learn more about that, it’s all in my first two workouts that I created with Greg Joujon-Roche (@GregMyTrainer).  It’s a great sweat, and delivers better results than most workouts I’ve done. Plus I can get it done in less time. These days with my four kids and crazy schedule, I need to be efficient and specific with my “me-time.”

So I’m putting together a new program that will be fun, rhythmic, effective and it will burn fat, tone and tighten your bod in less than an hour!  I sound like an infomercial I know, but it’s true and I’m fired up about it.  We are shooting my next DVDs in just six weeks so…

I’m also starting a Sexy Six Week Slim Down with my girlfriends.  We will train together, share healthy recipes, log, blog and maybe even vlog our meals and moments.  We are all super busy, so much of our girlfriend time has become time shared in a fitness class, hiking and dancing.  I have so many great fitness experts around me who motivate me and make it easy to stay fit.

I am inviting you to join us too!  It’s so much easier when you can work out and dish your challenges and triumphs with friends.  Our ModernMom community is the perfect place.

Today we are introducing my OMB (Oh My Body!) page where you will find all thing fitness in my life.  I will log my meals and share delicious healthy recipes that my girlfriends and I are enjoying. We will be tweeting and you can follow our feed.  We will be sharing the highs and lows of making a fitness commitment to get in the best shape of our lives this summer!!! My friends and my sister, BTW, are all shapes and sizes and at all different fitness levels – so no excuses or intimidations allowed.  If you want join us and send me your own tips, inspirations, workouts and recipes, we would love to hear from you and follow your journey along with ours.

I’m on a mission and I’m on a 6-week countdown starting today!

Check out OMB and meet my friends – the Baboosh Babes. They’re hilarious, totally real and down to earth.  We have lots in common but our common goal this summer is to get in sexy shape!

You can also check out the ModernMom YouTube channel where I join some incredible experts to share new moves that you can do at home.  We post every workout videos every Wednesday.

It only takes the desire and a commitment to you to be healthy and get or stay in shape.  

Want more? Check in often on my OMB page!

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