My Week as a “REAL” Housewife
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My Week as a “REAL” Housewife

No, I haven’t succumbed to the totally non-realistic world of TV Housewives!

David and I decided to spend our summer in Malibu this year and not travel far away with our family.  I chose to hang up my concierge duties and NOT book a vacation, organize it, pack up the six of us and spend most of my “R&R” time keeping the family organized.  If you have a big family and little ones, then you know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation after a vacation to unwind.  So this summer has been all about the beach, family BBQs and lots of sleepovers.

But I had to give my family helpers ten days off so they could recover from the chaos of looking after my brood.  So guess who gave up a vacation to take their place?

Ahhhhh, I know this blog will get the usual “Oh-poor-you-without-a-house-keeper,” “Most-of-us-don’t-have-a-nanny”… blah, blah, blah.  But I am writing it anyway and have no problem stating the facts that a working mom with children has to have help, or she has to do it all herself.

I’m not one of those lazy, bon bon-eating ladies that want a staff because I can afford it, I truly can justify the work/life balance and the valuable people that help make what I do possible. I have four kids going in four different directions and somewhat of a bed and breakfast scene going on at home in most days with family and friends coming in and out, not to mention our home-school parents and teachers! So yes, I do need help and I am perfectly happy to have it. Please save the critique and read on because I do have a point.

I gave them some time off and took over housekeeping duties!

Privacy is HUGE on my list so I had no interest in training a stranger to help me around the house.  I’m off for a few weeks and I figured we could all handle it.  But 4 kids + 6 hampers + 6 animals + 5 beds to make + 30 meals to prepare and clean = 1 MOM… well, that seemed like a bit of a jacked up equation for 1 MOM!  Plus factor in a few extra family members and some friends… Good thing I love that (probably because I didn’t have that scene growing up).  The more the merrier in my house! But OMG! The laundry and the dishes!

I grew up in a super simple lower-class family with no help and we all learned to clean up after ourselves and master a lot of chores. We had no choice because my father was beyond strict.  These past few weeks, my children have done a remarkable job, even Shaya (4 years old) at picking up their stuff, putting their clothes away instead of throwing them on the floor and organizing their toys.  Less mess means less cleaning for all.

I’ve spent the first few hours of every morning making beds with Rain, feeding animals, unloading dishes and knocking out a few loads of laundry.  Rain has been my partner, while my oldest girls sleep in.  Even Shaya has been dragging out the trash!

My worst and most disgusting job has been lunchtime for Spike! I thought I’d for sure draw the line with WORMS, but the poor dragon had to eat. Shaya refused to save the day, so I gloved it up, grabbed a plastic fork, and prepared his disgusting meal.


David usually gives me such crap about my tweeting obsession but he even threatened to tweet my laundry scene.  Willow my cat took a double-take too. 

It was kinda fun matching up the 20 pairs of little socks with my kids.  We made it a game. Even kitchen duty after dinner parties was fun with my wife-friends as we caught up on girl talk while the guys hung outside doing their thing. When everyone is helping, it’s no trouble at all.

Being a working mom is waaaaay easier than a stay-at-home-mom.  So my hats off to all the mommies who are full-time loving, cleaning, and managing their household.   A true C.H.O. (Chief Household Officer) deserves MUCHO credit.  But truth be told, I have fully enjoyed my week as a “Real” Housewife, chores and all.  I have spent so many beautiful moments with my children and I will miss too much when I go back to work.

Like breakfast together, making beds with my children hiding underneath the sheets, and blowing the bath bubbles and pretending like its snowing, I especially love being beat in UNO by my son in our a.m. games.

My girls are learning how to keep house and will continue their chores.  I refuse to raise kids that do not know how to keep an organized environment. Of course they hit me up for allowance, but trust me the $5 a week is a good deal for me.

Here’s what I learned… it’s much easier to stay out of a mess than to get out of one. In others words, stay organized and manage your chaos!  And if you’re going to be a housekeeper, be an amazing one and enjoy it! 😉

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