Sweat, Sex & Self-Confidence
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Sweat, Sex & Self-Confidence

Amen, sister! I love a women who tells it like it is, and I love a woman who is in touch with her she-wolf!

Yes, working out is about many things, not just our bodies. And yes, it will increase your SEX drive.  Here’s what I know… the more you work out, the better you feel.  Studies even show that exercise helps depression and is equivalent to multiple doses of Prozac!  Can you imagine if America knew that?

Sounds crazy easy I know, but evidence proves it to be true!  What if everyone knew that working out would give you more energy, more self-esteem and a simply a better body image – gyms would be booming, husbands would be getting the family memberships and not feeling guilty about the recommendation and “Fifty Shades of Grey” sales might not be so shocking, LOL! (p.s. I’m writing a blog about mommy porn next!)

If health and fitness are part of your personal goals, then making a plan and sticking to it is an accomplishment.  Every pat on a woman’s back, even if it is self-serving, feels good.  If you are taking care of yourself, taking baby steps to get there and working towards a personal goal – that feels good!  If your body is changing, getting tighter, more toned, and closer to where you want it to be – that feels good!  If you are eating healthy and taking care of yourself – that feels good!  If you are pushing yourself physically and experiencing a crazy sweat and muscle burn, you’ll find you start to crave it. The more you get it, the more you want it.

I am working out in a different way than I ever have before and I am doing it with an eclectic group of friends at all different fitness levels.  Bottom line – and our common denominator – is we all CRAVE it and feel better for it.  Even during my class when we are dying… we are embracing those moments and visualizing our physical changes.

The better you feel about yourself, the better energy you give off.

Many writers have asked me to define “SEXY,” and it’s a really tough question because I truly believe that SEXY is a state of mind.  Women give off what they feel inside.  If you exude sensuality, I promise you, you will be sexy!  Exercise leads to more energy and more self-confidence which can translate beautifully into sexual energy.

The better you feel inside the better you feel outside! Sexual energy is a powerful, necessary thing!

My Sexy 6 Week Slim-Down is for everyone. I love and adore the Sexy 6 Baboosh Babes.  You all inspire me and make fitness fun.

Here are 6 reasons (compliments of the Mayo Clinic) to keep it going….. as if reason #6 isn’t enough!!!

1. Exercise gives you an emotional lift (What woman doesn’t need to blow off a bad mood and balance some stress?)

2. Exercise promotes better sleep

3. Exercise controls weight

4. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

5. Exercise boots energy (Since there is only one of me doing 100 things, I need all the help I can get.)

6. Exercise puts a spark back in your sex life (Yes, it’s TRUE, exercise increases you libido and you’ll have better SEX if you do it!)

In response to your recent  Post, Kristen…. there are many ways to get to great sex; fitness may be the best one! I’ll take any avenue to that destination.

I toast to you, Kristin for sharing and valuing the importance of your intimate life!

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